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Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Widgets Blog must have on the sidebar

It is indicated in the guidelines from Google that navigation clear and appropriate and linking is a way for a blog doing good in the engines of search and classification results. The sidebar is an area to virtually place something links to huge banners and anything else that can be placed on this article. However, some owners of blog just stuffing their sidebars all widget they encounter, not considering the ease by which users can move freely on their blog and usefulness and uselessness of these widgets. I'm not stripping to the bottom of your sidebar, but I say openly a look more deeply the real reason for why these widgets are there. And your sidebar really deserve the presence of these widgets?

Here is a ranking of the Top 5 of essential widgets Sidebar of the blog must have. Reactions and suggestions are all welcome in the comments area. If your suggestions give same strengths, this entry will be updated to include yours.

Posts recent - it is sufficiently explicit. For recent Posts Blogger widget blogs is very important. If you want to announce each post make you, and that the new noticed fast, then their titles should appear immediately on the box through this widget. However, because the ability to "newspaper style" of Wordpress blogs, a recent Posts widget is not needed it. A journal style could allow up to 10 + previews of posts with the scroll bar still long enough. In Blogger blogs, 10 + posts on the home page could make the scroll bar so small that your readers would easily be bounce away from your blog.

Link subscription or form - make your loyal readers with this widget. If your messages are quite useful and interesting (or have a high quality for short), readers would like to be updated on the latest of your blogs. A subscription via RSS feed, a reader or mail e-mail is a convenient way for a reader to receive updates your part see a subscription link or form might encourage readers to make a test or perhaps seriously to subscribe to your messages.

Popular posts - a great way to approve the better positions than you do, those that made it number the top of the page in the results of the search engines and those who made the greatest comments. Of course, it is not just to be proud of your blog, but to use your new the best of the best readers so that they benefit your blog and subscribe after. Many blogs forget this part.

Tags or labels - even the most-specific niched blog posts could be divided into multiple tags. This is what this widget to use, clearly classify each tags in clear groups and appropriate for users, it would be easier to reach positions that they are to a specific topic (or label). This is to ensure that readers on Paris would end up not by reading on the Japan.

Pages or links to internal Pages - in General, this is where links to Contact Me about and Blogroll resident. It links just but they point to pages very important on a blog. Contact is very important to me because it promotes interaction between the blogger and the reader. About is one of the most important internal pages that should not forget a blogger. Sometimes a player would seek directly to the front page even take a look at your messages. A Blogroll page is optional.

These 5 seem not very special. Yes, but they are essential to 100%. A blog is not a blog without those. Some blogs succeed to do an enormous amount of traffic even with one or more of those who, because they offered another effective way to connect from their other positions, and it is a site map or Archives page. But, with or without a Sitemap on its own page in the domain, these five still prove necessary maintain the health of the blog. Other widgets are optional and relative and it belongs to the owner whether or not to place or.

Bryan Karl Yuson is the author of two blogs. One is Earning Bryan Karl dot com , blogs, tips and more, and the other Bryan Karl. All online. He is a student at the National University of the Philippines, DataConnection.

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