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Friday, May 27, 2011

Anatomy of a professional Blog

Being a "Pro".

Most newbie bloggers do not distinguish the diversity between a professional blog and an amateur blog. Many of them only buy a re-branding of the appearance of the template to reflect his blog or something like install the theme by default and fact.

If you consider yourself a professional blogger not a fan of "pretender pro", then you must take into consideration the blog more common design boards which are somewhat forgotten by beginners but that would certainly improve your blog and join the ranks of professional bloggers.

Having a professional Structure of Blog

Logo of blog

Somehow, the amateur bloggers tend to have no concern to mark their own blogs, and that is probably because they use the logo of "Title text" the default for their blog, if you want to make your blog unique from others, and then do a blog logo, it is easy, you won't really need a little as a graphic designer to design your logo for you, all you need is to find an icon that reflects on what is on your blog or what is your blog all about, and then try to add a text next to it or something like change the color of the icon and voilĂ ! you have your own logo to your blog.

Blog theme color

When you design your blog, decide on a color theme that your blog follow familiar with Facebook?(Of course) well that Facebook is not a blog, but you can get an idea from him on how a theme color affects the professionalism or the look of the overall Web site or blog, consider using at least two variations of color that reflects your blogsuch as if your blog is on the nature, why not organize a theme of green and yellow green color? It will greatly influence the "look" and the "feel" of your blog.

Blog Favicon

Apart from having a custom Blog and a blog theme color Logo, you should consider also having a Favicon for your Blog, A Favicon is a blog that appears on the address bar and the bar of tabs a browser or the small Web site iconIt will certainly adds to the professionalism of your blog

Arrangements of job titles

This goes for both the titles of your blog and post. It is a common mistake that most newbie bloggers tend to do. Why? Because when a user is seeking the information they are looking for specific keywords that you may have written on your blog and not of your blog, name. This will make a huge difference to the professionalism and the referencing of your blog.

The default template icons

When you try to install a template blog packed to your blog, a blogger template or a wordpress theme, it was generally a few default with icons, it is likely that the model you use was also used by many other bloggers for their blogs especially if it is a popular model and making Thus your blog common to the attention of the reader, if you want that your blog of mark and make professional and then try to modify these default icons other icons which looks like it has the same size.

RSS news feed feed subscription

Always have an RSS Newsfeed subscription option or the button for your blog, it allows your readers to connect and updated on your messages or articles, if you want a wire RSS feed for your blog, you can use, it offers a free RSS content management.

Social Bookmarking Widgets

If you want to really your blog to be more interactive, "talk of the town" and be more professional, then you can consider adding Widgets of Bookmarking social as Facebook Like Tweeter Retweet or Google Buzz this in your blog. These widgets will make your blog have a step ahead in the competition that raged on the blogosphere, there are many Services of Bookmarking social free out there such as Addthis, ShareThis and AddToAny.

Clean the parts least

Being simple and clean makes your blog more professional, always try to organize or parts cleaning, widgets, links and images on your blog so that it seek crowded pas and amateur, also avoid using or in too put widgets on your blogwidgets use JavaScript from other sites, and when the server is stopped, it affects your blog loading time and slow down.

Image sizes

When you insert images on your blog, it is much better and professional to have a uniform image size, as, images of hand positions are 350 x 350 pixels on the size and images of ads on the sidebar would have 250 x 250 pixels, this would make your blog look clean and much more appealing than a blog with sizes of blurred images inserted on their blog.


On the conclusion, if you want yourself to be considered as a professional blogger, you must first try to consider the professionalism of your own blog, much themselves to someone that do not reflect even on who they really are be claimed and if you would do the same on just say something that does not reflect yourself then you may not consider yourself as a "professional blogger".

About the author:
Duran Raven is a Teen Problogger, focused on sharing of articles for the improvement of the productivity of design and blogs blog and articles on self improvement, currently, Raven is a student aged 16 in the Philippines who is determined to prove that age doesn't matter on the blogosphere and on the world.

Currently now his Blog, - a blog to share the more easy steps to improve the design and build your blog.

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