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Monday, May 23, 2011

Better blogging

Fast! What the ducks live, Today Show, classification of Nascar, Al Jazeera, a planimeter and a small red ant have in common? Can guess? Well, he would help if I added some links more to the string? What space probes, Donkey Kong, tire size conversions, a planimeter and animates a podcast?

Ah, now you have, right? They have all been in the widgets that you can download and use on your desktop or in blogs or web pages.In the case where you have watched the replays of "lost" for the past two years and don't know what are widgets, they are blocks of code that are embedded in a web page, blog or on a desktop computer. They produce content that is not static. In other words, they do something.

Therefore, if you had the Nascar widget, you could follow with the last Nascar rankings on a minute to minute basis. If you live ducks widget, you would save lots of money on bread and would never have to go to the Park again.

Widgets are not just for fun. There are some serious widgets, widgets that solve problems and simplify our lives. For example, say that you are in London, sitting in your Office of Hyde Park, swotting away (English folk often SWOT) and be aware that you are supposed to be a place that is really important in half an hour. You panic? No, you Tickle just your "London Tube Status" little widget and it tells you exactly what is happening underground.

And say that you are tired of your entourage. For example, maybe you live in a very cold place where there are two feet of snow and everything is grey and white, as someone threw water bleach everywhere in the landscape. There is a widget for this. He called Hawaii at any time of the Air of Hawaii. Fire it up, put in a cd Ka'apana leads and listen to this guitar key slack while you take yourself a sandwich with pork and it is time to luau. Hey, you could even have crawl around small red ant widget in your Office to add picnic theme. All of the above widgets and much, much more can be found at the Gallery Widget for Yahoo or Widgetbox.

A word of warning. Widgets can be habit forming. You think that you will download just the base clock/thermometer but while you are waiting you browse through the rest of the widgets and before you know, your blog/web/desktop page is buried with the creatures few.They might well prove to be the cyberspace equivalent of breaks. They take the memory and slow down load time, so keep an eye on the two if you install everything. But a few can really improve your blog and attract more visitors.

It is not easy being green, but you will find lots of help to the list of Lill. Living green, eat healthy and sharing all this. It is the life - course.

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