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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog widgets that allow you to advertise in hundreds of Blogs in simply by visiting the

Do you like having an icon created in every blog you visit, just to visit these blogs? My Blog log and Blog catalog are two services that allow you to do exactly this. You've seen these two widgets running on several blogs. These widgets allow you to build a community connection, while doing nothing but by visiting blogs where widgets are enabled.

My Blog log introduced the concept of tracking of readers. Bloggers who allow their widget to their blog could see other bloggers who have visited the blog. Of course, bloggers should have an account of my Blog log. Bloggers should keep not My Blog log window opened, instead, the widget in the blog of tracks your visit on the blog.

The widget can show small images of "Recent visitors" on the blog. Many people click on the small icons to learn more about the readers of the blog they read regularly.

Once again, many bloggers have concerns that the widget will take away their traffic. Your visitors have to leave your blog sooner or later, why not brag that you have a good readership of extraordinary people, and let your readers find their blogs too? I think it's better way for your visitors leave your blog by simply closing the window.

With these widgets, you have one more reason to visit more blogs that you really like. You are rewarded with more visitors to your blog, simply to visit several blogs. Now, how will to advertise your blog or your Web site in all the different blogs?

Blog catalog is another service which allows you to track visitors to your blog and other blogs. In the widget, you can choose to display 2-16 "recent visitors". If you use widgets, make sure that you click to select the maximum number of recent visitors view.

With these widgets, you can tell your readers that you are part of a community big, with extraordinary people, reading your blog. And then pass on this feeling to your readers too, because they see their image of a handful of other successful bloggers.

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