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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

JingleMe Widget helps to prevent sexual harassment online

The internet has become largely a social avenue for most users. Social networking and dating sites have sprouted and continue to increase in numbers which are places where people connect with old friends and new.

Major social networking sites include friends sites, dating sites and bookmarking sites. But do these site remain safe from being hostage of personal information? As for most users, these social sites are open to be consulted by total strangers gateways. There is a thin line between "very sociable" and their "too sociable" as to be practically abused. So for the use of Messaging Instant such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and similar applications. The internet is a very open gateway that anyone can easily invade the privacy of another person.

But is there something that can be done? Most of these sites have privacy settings that users can take advantage of. Privacy settings can be useful. However, in the case of dating sites, it may be a conflict of interest, to as many people to reach you and remain private online.

Some tools are really sensitive to this need. JingleMe is a blog widget that can be installed in any social networking profiles and even auctions / free classified ads sites and sites from the list of parts listing directory. It is a response to the call to cease the harassment especially for most users of women. This is a widget which can leave no one call you with your social networking profile without exposing your phone number.

But why is anyone a widget appeal with enough ongoing privacy invasion? At one auction and free users of the site ads would absolutely be need for a tool which can let potential buyers to call, but displaying a number of telephone may not a good idea because it will make you more prone to harassed by telemarketers. Dating of sites users can disagree less to the convenience of having a widget to their profile which can leave their contacts that we call without exposing their online phone number.

The internet is a vast public world. Anyone can be simply negligent on their privacy. With the good things created to maintain privacy online as this widget blog, anyone can fight against harassment.

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