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Friday, June 17, 2011

12 Tips to make your Blog Distinctive and remarkable

A lot of blogs is popping in the World Wide Web, competing to acquire and to invite readers, the main concern is to create a blog which is distinct from the others and remarkable in the eyes of readers. But most new bloggers do not realize the difference between a professional and an amateur blog. Choose only good design depends on you, you noticed beautiful layout and more. But, how will do you? Here are some tips to make your blog unique.

1 Make simple

By making a blog, multiple options can be helpful, from colours, fonts from fancy to nodes. It is therefore really attractive for such designs on your blog that could result from cluttered blog, it is so complicated and visually disturbing for the eyes. Similarly, consider your layout for newer models so that your blog will be not exceeded.

2 Change your icons of model to customize a

The first thing to be edited in your blog is your banner, because it is the first thing that readers will see, choose a design that meets your thoughts and make sure it is a way to your subject. Most blogs come out-of-the-box with icons in your sidebar. These are common designs then why not make your own designed templates. Yet once a model should connect to your subject.

3. Use color cool eye

Be sensitive in the choice of your color; do not too put colors especially bright colors because it is possible that it may turn off readers and get them to forget your blog.

4 Theme appropriate use

Avoid using themes pre-installed in your blogs. Look for a theme unique and better or at least modify the header. So your blog will not look like a duplicate of thousands of blogs, be remarkable, so that readers will remember your blog.

5 Make sure that your blog title and the Logo is clickable

Make your blog title clickable so that it will link your readers to your blog home page. Once again, it is important both for the purpose of referencing from the point of view of the user. Also make sure to include the attributes ALT and title of your home page. In addition, to make a logo that will enable your banner a competent aspect instead of just words for the title of your blog, use an image that is eye catching and elegant.

6. Avoid use of dark and irritating of fundus

The theme that you use questions, so I recommend you to use a text dark with a light background but not a light text on a background dark because it is difficult to read and the eye irritant. If you think that the image is good for the background, I suggest that you ensure that your content is readable. You can put the image on the side, then a light background.

7. Do not put too many ads

A blog containing too many ads, widgets, games, prizes, promotions and other more makes your chaotic blog and can slow down all. Prevent using another widget, many widgets serve and just get in the way. If you want to really put a widget, limit yourself, not just add everything you see or will make your messy blog.

8 To make a blog that shows a clear subject

To make your clear blog readers and easy to understand, make sure that your banner have a title and a subtitle that makes sure of who you are and what is your subject.

9 Prioritize your content that someone else

As I said do not put too many ads and widgets so that it will build not far the attention of your content. Consider your readers, make it easy to find the content of your post, tire their research.

10 Making readable text

By writing your post, use a large font size, are not your readers use a magnifying glass. Your content is important, that is, the main nucleus of a blog, so don't use small fancy text. You will simply make them click away from your blog, more quickly than you expect.

11 Use color to differentiate the navigation and content

Mixture of your layout is not a good idea, it may create confusion to your readers - some lines in each position work in reality in the navigation links. Several blogs have one or two sidebars to the sides of the content, sometimes with a top horizontal navigation bar. It allows to use a background color subtle for your zones of navigation, it is clear, where the content begins and ends.

12. Customize your blog

Customize your blog thanks to put subtitles, logo, a photo of you, there are a few ways to give your site its own identity. Modify a theme of your choice can established and contribute to your site.

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