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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 Widgets that help your Site get traffic

Widgets, these are the modules that are on sidebars of blogs and Web sites. Things like videos, weather forecasts, hit counters, and slide shows are only a few thousand examples of widgets that are commonly used. But while many of them are cool little modules that can help to hold a visitor on your site, there are some widgets that can really help you to generate traffic. Here are five widgets to consider to help your website or your blog noticed.

1. My Blog log

It in itself is not a traffic generating widget so to speak. But if you have a blog and he wants to promote this is an area in which you must consider. Adding their widget to your blog will enable your site to be connected to a network in rapid expansion of bloggers that covers all topics.

2. Recent Post widget

Having a widget that can display previous or recent posts can take advantage of your site in two ways. A displays an easy to find the link to older posts so that viewers stay longer on your site a check out older posts. And two by adding content to your sidebar. You can use a site like widget to quickly create a custom recent post widget. Using this type of widget to others who visit your site can also copy and paste your widget on their sites adding content for their site while providing links back to your precious.

3. Share this

If you have not this widget do so now. This widget allows those who visit your site to bookmark tweet and send your content across the Web, giving your site can go viral. Share this widget are also excellent for sending your site to Twitter links since most shorten save a URL you space to announce your tweet.

4 Alexa and Google Page Rank

Display your Google rank and Alexa in itself will not increase your traffic. For example, Alexa displays only based on a number users who visit your site with the Alexa toolbar help. And Google page rank displays the popularity that Google puts on a particular site. However, when it comes to getting back links, or the sale of advertising space, it plays a major role. Having these two clearly displayed gives your audience a means of assessing how popular your site is.

If you are not familiar with Alexa and Google page rank, they work like this. For low Alexa numbers closest to zero best and Google page rank nearest to ten best. Remember not to be obsessed with these numbers and focus on adding quality content.

A little about me: I am a former Canadian Forces soldier who served the army honorably for 7 years. My site Web The Razors Edge ( covers a wide range of subjects ranging from general advice, reviews and videos. Its main goal is basic SEO for those new to blogging and working with the Web sites and trying to get their traffic.

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