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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Add the Twitter Widget by hand

Here's how

1. Access to your Twitter account

2. Go to Twitter.combadges and open the page "get a Widget for your Site.

3. Click on TypePad logo

4. Click on continue to open the "Add Twitter to your TypePad" weblog page

5 Use the "number of list of updates" to select the size of the tweet list

6 Use the "Title" text box to change the title to something other than the default ("" Twitter Updates""). If you do not want a title to select the check box "without title".

7. Click on the link "view code".

8 Put highlighted code and copy

9 Connect you to your TypePad account.

10. Click on the blog you want to add your Twitter badge

11 Tab of Design click

12 Click on the model of the sidebar.

13. Position the cursor where you want that the widget to appear on your blog

14. Paste the code where you want that it placed.

15 Click on save

Adding a Twitter Widget for your Site

If you do not have a Facebook, MySpace account, or Blog you can always give your site a support by showing off the coast of your tweets. Twitter provides three different widgets, you can add

? Interactive Flash Widget.

This widget shows your user name, avatar and number of followers. It also contains a drop-down list of your latest tweets little and also to allow your visitors to connect to their Twitter and interact in following you, responding to your tweet, or marking even one of your tweets as their favorite.

? Widget Flash display only.

This much more basic flash widget shows a short list of your recent tweets and a link to your Twitter profile. Tweet links work, but the readers of your website cannot interact with you.

? Widget HTML.

This widget displays your most recent tweets that text and tracked link me to your Twitter profile. Tweet links (as of the regular and links @ username) work for your site readers are able to check the sites that recommend you.

If you are a WordPress blog users there are many widgets available for you. See the Wiki of Fan Twitter page for ideas.

While you have you found helpful that my personal favorite is the Flash Interactive widget.

Because it is more likely you more followers because they have the ability to check your links and should follow you a just click. This makes it more convenient for other Twitter users. Enjoy your supporters of growth!

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