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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blogs are easy?

Yup, that's true, if you believe that everything you read there, blog are easy. I'm here to tell that you blogs can be a challenge for anyone. When I start everything first learning blogs, I did not know where to go. I didn't know what software to use, what type of accommodation I needed, or what type of investment would be necessary. It took a lot of research and even after research, I felt like I just had to take the jump and opt for a Wordpress blog.

After that I decided to use wordpress, my battles had just begun. I didn't know many of the terms that have been used in the software. Like what the heck is a permanent link? I didn't know how to properly set. For example, the first thing I want to make a change the way my new blog watched. I wanted to change the theme. I had no idea how to do this. After that I finally understood where to find themes, I have another past then half a day find the one that was perfect for me. Keep in mind, that I had never run a blog before, so I made was to choose a theme in two columns. Yup, I spend a day looking for the perfect theme, and then after that my blog has grown up, I realized that the presentation of three column that I despised at the beginning.

The next thing happened me I wanted my blog to have more features, one that these features I wanted to be able to see the statistics of my blog. This type of functionality as with most of the enhancements for wordpress uses these modules called plugings or widgets. Although you guessed it, yet another research more time to find an easy to install plugin that would allow me to do this. Well, I found one, however, I knew it was, the topic I chose was not working with the statistics plugin. Of course, at this time I was not happy. What I found was that when choosing a theme that you want to make sure that it is "widget ready". What this means is that the theme allows widgets to work seamlessly. It recognizes the fact that you have loaded a new widget and all of the features and options. Sooooo yet again, another search, the other half a day looking for this ready theme widget perfect. Of course after I found this theme perfect I do could then install the new plugin of statistics. After I installed the plugin, then I see my statistics and I was floating on cloud nine!

I thought by now that I have on my street "easy" way with my blog, so I sought other plugins. Well guess what happened? I found this cool plugin that would allow me to translate my blog into other languages. The first I saw I downloaded and installed on my blog. I click on the "view Site" button in my control panel, and my blog disappeared. Yup, it's that it has disappeared! The message I was that page could not be displayed. At the moment in the life of my blog, I had no idea how to return to my admin panel. I tried to remove the plugin with my FTP program. I think that this may have made it worse. The end result was that I had wordpress to uninstall and reinstall. Reinstall my themes and plugins.

Currently, I have to admit that "Blogs are Easy", for me. It took me some time to get comfortable with the system of wordpress blogs. I still learn things every day. If you want to do a blog on your own and you're a nerd like me, I can only suggest that you go for it. If you're not a nerd, hire someone to at least install the software and plug-ins to teach you how use the admin panel so that you can view and moderate your blog. You'll be much happier your blog be operational much faster if you hire a professional.

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