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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monetize your Blog income Constant

Monetizing a blog and earn money from your blog are not difficult, though, it is not difficult if you have traffic and know what type of monetization to go to. You can slapping AdSense on your blog, add banners, create advertising spaces, add toolbars to or even monetizing widgets; There is no end to what you can do to monetize your Web site. But in order to function, you must find a balance.

Any addition of every single form of monetization you can think of will finally drive your visitors, and we want to keep on our site, especially if we are promoting a product. When monetization you post in your blog or your Web site, you must think about how it fits into your design.

AdSense works great if it is mixed with backgrounds and feels natural, as it is a part of the site itself. In some cases, it can work great if it stands out, will you have to experiment with that, but first try to mix using the same background as your blog and using the same colour for links.

In regard to banners in your sidebar, you have to keep them organized and your subject. It is a long shot that someone will click on a banner telling fortune if your site is on the Web site and programming design, the best type of banners may be promoting a WP theme, web service or web tools.

With respect to the widgets and toolbars, so you can go a little wider with them because they provide ease of use and a way to win a few species. But, just as with AdSense or banners you need to do work for you in terms of design and the topic. You can go with the job search widgets Donanza or widgets of SEO tools that offer many advertisers or you can embed social navigation with modules tools bars such as the one found on Squidoo.

But all put on a blog, it does not appear that it will be easier to make money if you provide your visitors with all the possible solutions, but at the same time all that advertising can be a distraction and people will simply leave the site without any further. Therefore, keep it to AdSense and banners, or banners and widgets, or widgets and AdSense. Find a combination that works and promoting your blog, as the only way to make money is to have traffic. All that is much easier then.

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