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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MySpace Music - Widgets and your content of Rock players

You tried to customize your MySpace. You have looked at layout, colors, and has worked hard to write content good to keep your friends and interested visitors. Do you think that as your MySpace page is missing something? If so or you simply want to give your unique look and its unique, you should try to add a music player or a widget to your MySpace page!

You have quite a few options if you want to do this and more only a small number of them are not ideal. You certainly want the option which will give you the best look and best sound. You do not want to jeopardize your existing widget of music aesthetics. So, what are the best widgets?

You can try the Audio Widget, Google, which is small and bare bones, but you can get only MP3 via links to sites. Therefore, if you do not find the mp3 you want as link, somewhere, that you will not play on your page. There is no way to download it. You can also try last.FM, which is popular and therefore a little banal. It is not as simple to get up and running as some other choices.

For some additional features, you can try the mp3 player widget to WidgetBox, which has a variety of music widgets. It must also be that you bind to an existing URL with an mp3 file, but it also allows you to choose the color of the widget. In this way, you can the correspondence to your MySpace layout and color.

If you want to have the possibility to download MP3s on widget, you must use Muzicons. Muzicons let's easily download you your MP3 files and embed them on your blog in a small drive. You can even choose individual songs for each entry or the parts of your page rather than have a single player of the entire site! It is the easiest of all the widgets to run and offers options of the infinite, so it can match the look and layout of your site.

Try each of these options and see the best that you and your MySpace. Certainly try to embed a widget that can be customized to your look, however, given that you do not want the widget to appear to be irrelevant. Also seek to have flexibility in what songs you can download or use, so that your repeat visitors weary of the same old music.

You can work with some of those that I mentioned which have more limited options, but I recommend you try Muzicons first, and I think that it will meet all your needs and more.

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