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Friday, June 3, 2011

What are Widgets?

Have you heard of the widgets? Widgets are the rage when it comes to social networking and online community Web sites, but you can even know what they really are. Widgets are Web applications that are created by different companies and are forced to work with profiles on various social networking sites. Popular social networking such as MySpace and Facebook sites offer many different widgets that people can add to their profiles to make profiles more interesting change, design or arrangement of their profile, share their interests with friends or playing games.

You can use widgets to choose what content you want to have on your site, blog or your social networking profile. You can add widgets to show the weather, the latest headlines or the last post of your favorite blog. You can find widgets show videos or read audio files or show of photo slideshows. There are thousands of different widgets that have been created. All do work the way they are supposed to before to add a widget to your website or your blog it is a good idea to preview, and make sure that the code works.

Widgets are all on the Web, so if you are looking for new and fun widgets that you can use to customize your social content on various networking sites you will not have to look far. Some widgets are made to operate with a particular site, such as the widgets which alter the design of your MySpace profile, while others are forced to work with a Web site so that you can install on your site or blog, not just on your social networking site profile.

Even if widgets can be very fun to use and are a great way to make your profile on a site of social networking very unique and very reflective of your personality, you need to always be cautious about using widgets for Web sites that look at summaries or who do not see enough on the level. There were cases of widgets have been loaded with malware and spyware and have caused serious damage to people's computers when they have been used by the owner of the computer.

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