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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Widget Bucks run

Widget bucks is the new PPC program on the web. Like AdSense, it can complement your Web site and make more money. The widget used by the bucks widget rotates ads through the banner. Are not your typical text but nice graphic ads looking which show products according to your selection, or you can choose to display the widget bucks analyze your site and display relevant ads.

Use or not use?

While this product is good is not for every site. After its installation on several of my sites that I've noticed that some sites have excellent and me have a highest click through rates and revenue per click then AdSense. Other blogs of mine, it is horrible. After watching a week it really struck me. Sites on which he worked much were sites that are very specific products. Blogs on the electronic device or cell phones and other electronic devices have been ripping it places while the sites that were more socially based and product leads, I saw income equal to or poor.

It is only a week of testing so I took it to the next level. I started to mix some widget more small ads bucks and kept my AdSense header. Yes, you can have both on the same page. It is not against the AdSense TOS. I used the 160 X 300 in my bar higher and placed my AdSense large banner on top of the blog. Between posts, I kept the AdSense ads. The widget code made my site a more brilliant litre while not taking away from my AdSense ads and the content on the site. My income was not the double but I was doing the good PPC on my widget, the same amount of average clicks to my AdSense ads. If you have room in your side bar, you can also try the larger 300 X 250.

If advertising appears to be too noticeable you should consider to delete. You do not want your site to scream that I am on the ads. Another recommendation is exchanging content ad autour a little. If you hear a hot new product in a select category, you can swap over this category for a week. This will move up to your add content.

As always, you want your site to be on the drive. Having ads everywhere is hurt you in the long term. You need a balance. Ads really help consumers find products want and need. When you click on an advertisement do you because you want to learn more about the product or service. The rest can be hard, but if you look at your point of view of readers often the response to stand out.

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