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Monday, May 30, 2011

Creation of Widgets for Placement on your Web sites and blogs

With a widget, you can place the current information in your blogs and or / Web sites on other Web pages and your personal pages on myspace, social as networks and private clubs. It is not only fun and instructive, but an excellent promotional tool.

What is a widget? According to Wikipedia a "web widget is everything." which can be embedded into a page HTML, i.e. a web page A widget adds content to this page which is not static. Widgets are usually by a third party has arisen... Widgets are also called modules, extracts, and plug-in. Widgets can be written in HTML, but in JavaScript, also flash and other scripting languages...

Applications can be integrated into the website of a third party by placing a small code snippet. It is becoming a distribution or channel marketing for many companies. "The code brings in 'live' content – advertisements, links, images – from a site of third party without the owner of the web site having to update."

You've probably seen widgets on the web sites you have visited. A click on the widget will take you to the source of the information. Although the widgets have been around since the end of the 1990s, they are becoming increasing more popular especially with the rise of social networking.

I started to play with widgets as a way to promote my own AC published content. While widgets are not that difficult, they can be a little tricky at first so little pets for you. It took me several tries to develop my own widgets and put them on my blog and social networking sites. Now, they work perfectly without any problem. As I add content to my AC page for example, the widgetautomaticallyupdates to display the most current article titles.

If you haven't had the opportunity to work with the widgets or have attempted, without success, this article is for you. With little effort, you will be able to make widgets and place them on web pages that you choose. Once mastered the widgets are really cool and is worth the effort.

Make a Widget, you can make a widget to place on your pages. You can customize the widget with the size of details, title and colors, and even list their blidget directory giving more exposure to your blog and AC page (every little promotion help). You can make as many widgets as you want, I have one for my blog women - sense .com and another for my content producer AC far page.

Go to, on the left side panel, click on the button 'make a blidget'. This will open a box that requests the url where the information is collected. For my blog I just enter the url of the blog, ( automatically takes RSS feed for this URL. Don't ask me how, I have no idea, but it works. For my associated content, I added the actual RSS link I found by clicking on the RSS symbol and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.

Once you add the link to the blidget dialog it will open to a page that will give you customization options. You will see your widget on the right side with your RSS feed information. You can choose to list article titles or titles, a summary of the article. Sizing and different colors or images are other options available. Mislead with the options until you get it you want to look at.

When you have finished setting options, and you are satisfied with the way it looks, click one of the titles of article to ensure it works correctly. When you click it it should click to your promotion site.

Register and get the Code

If working correctly, the next step is to get the code. Now, you will need the code to place the widget in your page, myspace or other website of your choice.

To get the code for the next step in the creation of your widget offers you the possibility to register your widget in the Gallery of blidget. I've opted for this and you will probably want to do the same. It can only add to your exposure. Add keyword tags, and then click "publish blidget".

Now you will be asked to register if you do not already have an account. Don't worry, the service is absolutely free. By registering, you will be able to return and make widgets as much as you want and add them to your account for editing.

Once you have registered you will be now taken to another page with several options. Near the Summit, you will see the title of the widget (example: AC Media) at the far right of the title, click the green button that says "get widget".

Place the Widget on Web sites

A drop-down list opens so that you can choose where to place the widget. You will see that there are lot of choices. If you are placing your widget on myspace, for example, choose that selection. Asked you your myspace email and password, with what article you want the widget to be placed. will automatically place the widget on your myspace page in the section you want.

Perhaps you want to place the widget on a site that is not listed. In this case, you would choose the section that says, "get the code". There are two choices to the choice, a Javascript and a Flash script. At this stage, you will need to experiment to see what code will work on the site that you attempt to place the widget.

Many sites do not Javascript. If you work on your own Web pages, you can probably use the Javascript code. Copy and paste the code in your html Web sites, register and download your page as usual. The widget should function properly.

For other sites as you want as the flash script. Select all, then copy the code that the flash script. Paste the code in a block where you are able to add information by clicking on edit and add in the box and paste the code. You are almost finished. Before saving, you need to add the opening and closing of divs for the code that it is displayed.

Click Save and close the open text box and your widget must be displayed. If it correctly your widget will be automatically updated each time you add new content on the site that promotes your widget.

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