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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WordPress Widgets

What is it?

Although the word widget might look a little funny, it has become a commonly used term, especially among bloggers using Wordpress software.

The term "wordpress widgets" is applied to any function friendly sidebar Wordpress themes, including elements such as the box search, meta-tags, links to RSS feeds, recent posts, categories, etc., which can be arranged by a blogger in the sidebar of the blog in any way they want.

The majority of modern Wordpress themes are widget ready, users can modify them without having to change code. You simply connect as administrator and drag the items you want to box adding and reorganizing the whenever you want.

WordPress is a blogging application very easy to use, and with the addition of widgets, it became even more user-friendly providing for a more enjoyable blogging experience.

Where to find

There are many websites offering themes ready to widget for Wordpress, but the largest collection of them can be found on the official website of Wordpress. You will have a greater choice of blog templates sorted by color, width, boxes to the left and right corners rounded and unrounded and so forth.

Some of the most popular Widgets Wordpress

There are many widgets for Wordpress. You will find some of them more useful than the others and experimenting with them you can come with a set of useful widget that make blogs even more fun. Your choice will depend on your personal needs and taste, but there are some widgets that are so popular in the community of blogs they have become a "must have" for almost every blogger.


This is a widget text box that allows the insertion of PHP code in your sidebar.php and it using a copy operation and easy-click instead their execution have to manually change.

IM Online

This Wordpress widget allows you to display your online status to your readers of blog with the help of instant such as MSN, Google Talk, Skype and other messaging services. So you can easily let your readers know when they can communicate with you.

With the dramatic increase of Wordpress users, it has become rather difficult to make your blog stand out against thousands of other blogs built with the same platform. However, the addition of themes widget ready creates a unique opportunity to develop designs unique blog with just a few operations click - drag.

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