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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to sell your Blog-3 ways to get more traffic to your Site

As anyone can tell you, a successful blog is one with many visitors and more importantly still, faithful and loyal readers that keep coming back. A large part of this achievement is now well understood, quality content. But too many excellently written blogs never were read by a visitor unique reason of poor marketing. A visible blog is a blog with success. Here are three important ways that you can use to market your blog.

Promote your Blog offline

Yes, you read that right. Offline advertising is a very important and very useful tool when it comes to your right to blog marketing. This is because most people are offline for most of time they are online, which means that the creation an advertising campaign offline will do good things for your blog. This can be done through conferences, print ads, or any other means that adapts to your audience target. Whenever you have the opportunity to address a mass of people directly or indirectly, find ways to insert a mention on your blog as a source of information on the subject, if it is relevant, that is.

Leave comments on others Blogs

Leave comments on the blogs of others may not seem a very bright idea at first, but if your comments are relevant on the subject and also instructive, other visitors of the other most popular blog are required to be of interest to your own blog with time. Also, most blog comment systems allow you to leave your own link in the comment. Slowly but surely you will build up a player base with pure content and quality. Remember, persistence pays.

Use viral Widgets or Plugins

That is correct. Even if this may seem like an unorthodox your blog marketing method, you do that is use MyBlogLog and this popular tool to submit information on your blog to multiple users.

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