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Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Easy steps to the creation of a Blog.

Creation of a blog can be much easier than you think. It can be done in a few simple steps. Anyone with little or no technical skills can create and maintain a blog. With the use of blogs Wordpress software, it is a process that anyone can follow.

Blogs have become popular in recent years. The definition of a blog in Wikipedia is: a blog (contraction of the term "weblog") [1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as video or graphics. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Blogs are also used by companies and traders of the internet as Web sites to promote their products. They are chronological entries of articles and other promotional materials related to their products. Blogs are usually more personal than traditional sites and represent the owner of the Web site.

In addition to being a very easy way to create your own website, the search engines is also promote blogs. When you create a blog, use your keywords to optimize the blog for search engine optimization ("SEO"). You must use your keyword in the domain name, blog and through the pages of the blog. You can also insert some plug-ins (software modules that add specific functionality) in your blog to help with SEO. I use all the in one SEO Pack, which is strongly recommended.

Here are the steps for creating a blog with Wordpress:

1 Obtain a domain name. Go to GoDaddy or Hostmonster and buy a domain name, what should you approximately $10.00 for a year.

2 Get hosting for your domain. I use Hostmonster and Hostgator, and both provide exceptional service. Your annual hosting should be about $100. Enable your domain on your host server. If you do not know how to do this, both of these companies have 24/7 telephone service, and they will help you.

3 Download a Wordpress blog. In Hostmonster, go to your cPanel and find software, Services and Simple Script. Go to click on the logo of Wordpress Script list and it will open a screen where you can choose your style of blog.

Try to choose a formatting style that you like, although you can change later. This will bring up a screen that will ask you where you want to press installed Word and a list where you will be click scroll on the domain that you chose for this blog. At this point, you have installed your blog.

With Hostgator, it is very similar. Go to your cPanel and the search for Services and software, then Fantastico Deluxe. It opens to a list. Choose Wordpress and "new facility".

4 User name and password. Once installation is complete, you will see a screen with a user name and password. It will also be the URL of the site, which is your blog address and log in the URL, which is your dashboard, where will you edit your blog.

5. Dashboard. Log on to your dashboard. As soon as you log it will ask you to change your password from the password generated to your own choice of password. This will lead you to the profile section when you choose change password. Finish the rest of your profile. Save your settings.

6 Blog name and subtitle. Go to the "Settings" under "Appearance" section and fill in the name of your blog that appears in bold as a title in the header section of your blog and the slogan, which is the subtitle for the name of your blog. Always save your settings.

7 Create positions. Are your time entries. You will post articles, videos, photos, quotes, just what you want.

8 Create widgets. Widgets are usually what will appear in your sidebar. There are many different choices of widgets, you can choose, and you just pull worms your sidebar and insert all the information you want. For example, there are widgets for "Last comments" and automatically generates a list, that the comments of your messages. Also "Posts recent" automatically generates a list with the titles of your posts as create you them.

However, there is the "text" widget where you can install the plain text or HTML. HTML text is used for the banners and graphics.

9 Create pages. Generally, you will create pages for me, coordinated and legal disclosure.

10 Change your theme. You can change your theme at any time by going on the "Appearance" tab, "add new themes. You will have a selection of the features that you can choose from for the design of your blog. Once you find a design you like, you click simply "install" and then "enable". Your new theme will appear with all your blog entries.

Once you have done these steps, you have completed the creation of your blog. You are now ready to start blogging. Bloggers usually day frequently their blogs. The more time and dedication you give, you can do better it. There are a lot of fun and a great way to market yourself.

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