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Friday, June 10, 2011

40 Excellent ways to get traffic to a Blog for free

Any blogger who wants to get traffic to blog without constant promotion and marketing need to use a form any tactics, and most of them is free! Here I have listed 40 ways to get traffic to blog for you and the best part is there is any free. If you are able to maximize the 80% of these tactics, you will certainly have tons of traffic rushing to your blog very soon.

1 Submit your blog to Blog directories.
2 Submit your RSS feed directories.
3 Claim your Blog on Technorati.
4 Being active in Forums and use a Forum Signature including a link to your Blog.
5 Cross link with other Blog owners.
6. Bookmark your blog ticket.
7 Distribute items, including the "Words of the author" part with a link to your Blog.
8 Write useful comments on other blogs.
9 Use the Services of Ping
10 Create a MyBlogLog account and use their widget on your blog.
11 TrackBack other Blogs.
12. Notify your opt-in subscribers list on your latest blog posts.
13 Have a Signature with a link to your Blog in every email you send with any e-mail program.
14 Create and distribute viral ebooks that include a link to your Blog.
15 Build a Squidoo lens, and put a link to your Blog on it.
16 Create a Hub Page and put a link to your Blog on it.
17. Create and distribute a video, include a link to your Blog in this video.
18. Create an account at social pages like Myspace or Facebook - put a link to your Blog in your profile.
19 Signup for EntreCard and add their widget to your Blog.
20. Register your Blog to BlogCatalog and put their widget on your Blog.
21 Signup for BlogRush and put their widget on your Blog.
22 Submit a sitemap XML for your Blog to Google's Webmasters
23 To provide good content on your Blog.
24 Being the first one who publishes an interesting history.
25 Publish content on a regular basis.
26 Install the Plugins of WordPress more important.
27 Invite experts known in your niche to be guest writers for your Blog.
28 Be a writer visiting other blogs.
29 To include links to helpful resources in your blog.
30 Publish your contact information on your Blog and your image.
31 Create an interactive Blog
32 Write something which is currently a hot topic in your niche.
33 Keyword research and use of the long tail keywords in the title and the first sentence of your messages.
34 Customize your Blog with a header and a footer Image. Do not use Standard layouts.
35 Categorize your Blog correctly, make it easy for your readers to find the content they seek.
36 Use intensely based credit
37 Answer all questions that your readers send email or leave a comment.
38. Responding to questions on Yahoo answers
39 Install a Bookmarking Widget below each post so that your readers can bookmark of your position.
40 SEO URL of your blog or blogpost

Well, it is not possible for me to develop each of them in detail in this article. If you want to know exactly how aller go on each of these tactics to get traffic to blog, visit my blog at [] for more information.

Edmund Tai

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