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Friday, June 10, 2011

How to use a Widget to promote your Web Site

Widgets are the latest and fastest player to your web site traffic. A widget is a small piece of code or image which may include other creators of web site on their web sites. What is displayed, however, comes from your website. When users click on the widget, posted on another web site, they are taken to your web site, you are bringing more traffic and more users.

Why other web site owners would want to include your widget on their web site? To obtain your included widget on another web site, you must provide a widget that is convincing. A compelling widget provides some interesting information, photos, videos or other content that the owner of the web site may otherwise not to include. Widgets can be other more exciting web sites including shopping wishes, or photos, web site statistics for example.

Where people understand widgets? Widgets get included on other web sites, blogs, profiles or online users on sites like MySpace. Persons include widgets to show something interesting and exciting or show information, they would not otherwise be able to display.

How to build a widget for your website? To build a widget for your website, your website must offer something that people will want to include on another site. For example, imagine that your web site allows people to upload photos. In this case, you can provide a widget that allows your users to show these photos on another web site, including your widget. Or, imagine that your web site allows people to create a wishlist shopping. Your widget might make it possible to display this list of wishes or items in your list of wishes on other web sites.

A widget can be as simple as creating a bit of javascript or jscript people code that can include on another site. Alternatively, you can provide a link to an image, or create a widget on Flash which has more advanced features.

Widgets are a great way to drive your site traffic. They rely on the old principle of give a little, get much. Add a widget to your site today!

Amy Morris entries for [], a Community dynamic shopping [] where you can create a wishlist shopping for a web site. eSassy provides a wishlist free shopping widget that users can include in their blogs and profiles online.

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