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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to get viral traffic for your Blog with a Widget

Until now, many bloggers new search for solutions of traffic fast to help their blog gain ground, while the construction of content and getting spidered resorted to traffic exchanges and click for credit sites aimed primarily at affiliate marketing specialists.

In the case when blogs appear on these sites, they appear irrelevant unless the real theme of the blog has to do with Internet marketing. I have seen any musicians trying to sell their CDs or MP3 blogs on pet squirrels. Traffic of sites like these similar and traffic exchanges is often wrong.

Then there are sites like ViralURL and MyViralSurfer. With mailers member and banner credits, sites like these encourage you to use their links to point to your Web site. Doing so puts a bar of advertising on your site with links to the sites of other members. The more traffic you get organically the more traffic you get potentially viral your links appear on other sites throughout their network.

It's very effective traffic generators, especially at the level to level, but for blogger is not directly involved in the affiliate or marketing on the Internet, traffic may be not the time and expense. Like everything else, you need to test yourself.

Along these lines, but with a completely new viral twist, the name of Darren Olander 23-year old Internet consultant developed a free viral widget for bloggers, called ViralNugget, which also has a list component of construction. In Exchange to the viral widget on your blog, you can have a link to your blog or any webpage shown throughout the network. Advertisements in the widget look very much like a Google adsense ad.

After the installation of this code on your blog, you return to the members area where you can configure an advertisement highlighting a Web page or blog. Ads circulate in any growing members and interested participants network click on your links, which is higher traffic quality targeted versus forced from other viral sites circulation.

In addition, your ViralNugget ID is embedded in your widget so that when a reader wish on their blog, you get credit and more traffic back to your blog.

About the author: Nathan BF Gurley is a marketing specialist Internet and blogger. To view the ViralNugget Widget in action, please visit [] © 2009 - all rights reserved

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