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Friday, June 17, 2011

Promotion of the blog - six tips for promoting your Blog.

It is old hat to promote your blog with good content, but it remains true. Of course, blogging on a regular basis is also a key element to keep readers. That said, taking six boards for free blog promotion which will be discussed in this article.

When you make a new post for your blog, the ping with Ping service as The Ping service will provide various services to follow blogs know that you have published new content. Your blog will be analyzed and indexed by these services. Some of the services which are notified by Ping-o-Matic are burner feed, BlogStreet and Blogdigger. Some of the services that notifies are Icerocker, Blogflux and BlogsNow. But each Ping service pings around 20 or several services.

Put an RSS feed on your blog, your readers will be able to subscribe and get your updates via their RSS feed reader. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. If your blog is one of the favourite websites of the drive, he want to get your updates sent directly to his computer. Which brings back to great content, well written and frequent posts. But we aren't is y now.

Put an image in the post to break the sections of the print. This will be more attractive for readers who are a bit overwhelmed with a quantity of words. The image must match your topic somehow. You can go to Bing and find images in the public domain you can use on your blog. A photograph in the public domain is no longer under copyright or never was protected. allows you to use their clip art free of charge for personal or commercial. You can search and find other clip art sites. Always be sure that this is to use the image before loading it on your blog.

Signup for Blogupp. You do really register. All do you is put the link of your blog to get your code and add it to your blog. Blogupp will read your RSS and your blog will appear in the box on the blogs of others and that they can click to read your blog. It is a two screen area (widget), and it scrolls. You have one on your blog right after you have entered the code. When 10 blogs are displayed in your widget, your blog is shown 9 times. Before your blog is approved in the widget bar will be gray (pending).When your blog is approved, in the widget bar will turn blue and it is listed in the directory. The bar turns red for denied blogs.

Promoting a blog with Zimbio, is another good way to get out the word on your blog. You join Zimbio and put your blog link in your profile and then you import your articles or you can have their automatically imported. If you import them, you can choose wikizines for them, if it automatically, they choose the wikizines. Have your blog at Zimbio creates inbound links to your blog. But we were not will discuss links.

Submit a link of your blog for once search engines per month. You can use the free submit to submit Express... This service will submit your blog link to several search engines and meta-engines. Search engines don't like it, if you submit more than once a month. That is considered spam and can get your blocked blog.

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