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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The reasons for Top 7 WordPress Blogs are easy to install and can be great money Makers

It is not a secret that in a few minutes, you can have a professional research site. If it is configured correctly, it will gradually be attract an audience of people looking for information that you provide.

And, by attracting an audience to your Web site, there will be a part of these readers will pay for more information (or services) or click on an advertisement makes you click money.

The faster, simpler and more flexible way to do this is a blog by WordPress platform.

Here are the top 7 reasons why WordPress blogs are easy to put in place:

Installation of WordPress

Gone are the days of having to ftp files to the server and configure databases. Fantastico is the new way to install a WordPress blog in seconds. To use fantastico your web host must provide access cpanel. HostGator is a great hosting provider that offers cpanel access.

Choose your theme

The WordPress theme is what makes your professional blog. There are many free themes available in many different configurations. Some available options are different colour combinations, a side panel left, right or a left and right sidebar.

Paid themes are available and generally provide more customization. Socrates is a theme that allows you to create pages optin, sales pages, blog and mix and match headers, banners and backgrounds.

Simple tweaks

Blogs love of search engines because they are generally updated on a regular basis of the information that other people love reading. However, there are a few adjustments needed to ensure that search engines can find your information.

The first is to change the privacy settings and the second is to change permalinks in your admin area. This allows search engines to better index your blog.

Pages vs. posts

Blogs have pages and posts. Pages are used for information that will be not updated regularly. This could be your page, policy of confidentiality, contact page, or the limitation of liability. Links for these pages are displayed in the navigation bar.

Positions are like entries in a journal. This is the updated information you post on a regular basis. If you have comments enabled, your readers are able to comment directly on the post. It is a great way to get readers to your blog.

Auto scheduling

This is a great feature because it allows you to write blog articles different may and plan their. They will appear only on your blog on the date and time that you scheduled. This is very useful when you later go on vacation and want to get the new information published on your blog, when you are away.


In the sidebar of most blogs, you will notice a recent list of mail, a list of links or advertisements. They are inserted into your blog using widgets. In the area of administration of your blog these widgets are dragged and dropped in the field that you need. There is a wide range of different widgets demand that you need.


Plugins are what do blogs WordPress the flexible platform that they are. Plugins exist for the creation of sitemaps, forms, search engine optimization, monitoring, backup, social bookmarking, checking broken links and much more.

A WordPress blog opens a huge amount of opportunity for any person wishing to create a Web site that attracts visitors and money, with a very small budget and a limited time.

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