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Monday, June 13, 2011

Top WordPress Widgets

WordPress is nothing without its widgets and you cannot take advantage of the real power of WordPress without widgets. WordPress offers thousands of widgets for your website. Not I may be wrong if I say that widgets are the main reason for the popularity of WordPress. There are many available widgets, you can install on your Web site. Each of these widgets belongs to different categories and is used for different purposes. In this article, I'll talk about top WordPress widgets.

1 All in one SEO: no need to hire any SEO services do for your Web site. Simply install All in one that SEO and it will take care of all your SEO needs. This widget optimizes the HTML, the tags and the density of the keyword of your website. Use this widget to rank higher in search engines.

2 Gallery featured content: I love this widget. Featured content Gallery gives your website a magnificent appearance and help your visitors to easily navigate in recent articles. This increases the user experience and increase your page views.

3 Font size: the font size allows your visitors to change the font size of your text with a single click. Users can increase or decrease the size of font by simple click.

4 WP Polls: engage your visitors on your blog with WP polls. WP Polls helps you to create new polls and display them on your WordPress blog. Visitors and select no option and submit their votes.

5. WP SpamFree: remove spam from your Web site with WordPress for SpamFree WP widget. This widget detects unnecessary comments and remove them.

6 WordPress secure: WordPress Secure restrict the list of directories and secure the content of your Web site. This widget checks also for the security as the bad site map, htaccess etc..

I am sure that these widgets will make your website secure and competent in terms of referencing. There are number of other famous WordPress widgets to help you increase your Web site. For more technology article visit Techfreak.

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